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                 by 陈建隆




                                                  RAYSON TAN





As inhabitants of the earth, we always have maintained a close relationship with our surroundings since the day we were born. Friedrich Engels once said, “Let us not, however, flatter ourselves overmore on account of our human victories over nature. For each such victory nature takes its revenge on us.”

Since the beginning of time, mankind has always been taking from Mother Nature and She has always been giving in to our whims and wants. To gain control over nature so that it acts in accordance to the human will, we consider this ability as one our greatest achievement.

Over the centuries, we have witnessed rapid developments in science and technology. And now, as an act of revenge against the many generations of destroying nature, we now face the music – depletion of natural resources. In the age of rapid technological advancement, this lack is Mother Nature’s sweetest revenge.

Mankind now needs find the right balance between nature and science. A step in the wrong direction, not only will we lose control of the natural but also risk being destroyed in our own creation of science and technology.

Our ancestors bequeathed us vast lands. Yet, what we have left for our descendants is nothing but bald lands, polluted streams and a degenerating environment.

Perhaps only when nature’s catastrophe hits us in vengeance, mankind will finally awake and realised the importance of guarding our environment. To gain control of nature, we must first grant her respect.

Mankind is the product of the environment. Mankind is also the moulder of the environment. There will come a day where we will pay for the environmental damage we have caused. We will need to adjust our behaviour to adapt to the current climate. For us to continue living in paradise, we must learn to protect and respect nature.

作为地球的主人,自从诞生的那天起,就与周围的地理环境发生着密切的联系。恩格 斯曾说”我们不要过分的陶醉于我们对自然界的征服”。

从古至今,人类从未停止过向大自然不断索取,大自然也是“有求必应”,这样更滋 长了人类的贪欲。对于每一次战胜自然,控制自然,让自然界按照人类的一切意愿行 事,这都是人类最宏伟、最急切实现的梦想。但是,通过几千年来人类社会的发展和 实践,尤其是科学技术飞速发展的今天,可以说是大自然用生境恶化、资源枯竭的方 式对人类进行了疯狂的报复和反抗。在人类社会飞速发展的今天,与自然必然发展规 律相匹敌强大的科技力量,如果运用不当或失去控制,不但不能战胜与控制自然,而 且将会使人类毁灭于自己亲手所创造的科学技术屠刀之下。

俗语说得好:“前人栽树,后人乘凉”,前人给了我们留下了大片大片的森林,绿地 ,我们留给后人的又是什么呢?是光秃秃的荒漠,污染的水源和生存环境的恶化。

当灾难再度降临到了人类自己的身上,到了大自然对人类无休止报复时,人类终于觉 醒了,明白了环境保护的重要性。如果我们想征服自然,就必须尊重自然。对于改造 自然理应慎之又慎,又要大刀阔斧,勇于实践和改良,才能控制自然,使自身利益与 自然协调发展。

人类既是环境的产物,在一定意义上讲,也是环境的塑造者,人类的活动不可能无止 境地向环境索取,也不可能永远不加限制地在向环境排放废弃物。当人类的行为遭到 环境的疯狂报复而影响到人类本身的生存和发展时,人类就不得不调整自己的行为, 以适应环境所能允许的范围;人们要过上幸福美好的生活,就必须自觉地保护他,爱 护他。


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Arte Place

Guangzhou Opera House


1st Dec 2016 -

18th Jan 2017

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