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陈建隆 Chen Jianlong at Position Fixing

Showcased at "Position Fixing 定位“ Contemporary Art Exhibition at Opera House and San Xuan Shi Museum, Guangzhou City.

Group Show Exhibition of 15 Artists from China, Korea, Singapore, USA, Croatia, Argentina and France curated by Cecily Jin and Fabien.

15 Artists:

Amalia Ulman | Artie Vierkrant | Chen Jianlong 陈建隆 | Cho Myung Shik | Dora Budor | Etienne Bardelli | Jasper Spicero | Jyoji Up Chen| Kang Jun Young | Kwan Sheung Chi | Li Ming | Liao Fei | Liang Ban | Park Hae Soo | Wang Sishun

Green Series at Arte Place, Guangzhou Opera House

陈建隆 Chen Jianlong



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