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Artist: Kang Jun Young

Kang Jun Young,1979 Born in Seoul, Korea holds a bachelor and masters degree in Ceramics from Hong-Ik University’, the most prestigious art school in Korea. Even during his studies as a student, he already participated in group exhibitions and held his first solo exhibition on 2006. Since then, he regularly took part in various art fairs in Korea and in other major art markets like US, Hong Kong, China and Singapore. His works are owned by the Korea National Assembly Building and Korea Racing Authority, and he participated in artist residency programs in both Korean and Beijing in 2011 and 2012. In 2015, he also participated in London Art Fair, organized by Saatchi Gallery.

Kang’s work possesses an interesting element of lyrical story telling. Having lived overseas as a student apart from the rest of the family, he was immersed in a mixture of various cultures, of which hip hop music was his favourite. His works are heavily influenced by hip hop music and street culture. In terms of story, ‘Romantic Love’ is the theme that runs across all of his works, sometimes loud and clear, sometimes in a whisper. As a ceramist by education, he values the sense of using his hands to feel the materials.

Kang Jun Young

Kang Jun Young

1st Dec 2016 - 18th Jan 2017

Kang Jun Young as seen at "Position Fixing 定位“ Group Exhibition at Opera House and San Xuan Shi Museum, Guangzhou City

Kang Jun Young

more of his works

Kang Jun Young

The first duty of love is to listen

2015, ceramic, glazed gold, 45x45 x46cm

Kang Jun Young

Kang jun young x June LEE Is it unhappy without any problem?

2015, ceramic, glass, fiber, 25x25 x27cm

Kang Jun Young

Kang Jun Young

Solo Exihibition

2015 Kang jun young Solo Exhibition (Gallery HUUE,Singapore) 2015 Fool Bloom(Chung-ahn gallery,seoul,Korea) 2014 …to listen (Gallery Button,seoul,Korea) 2013 You were there (Clayarch Gimhae Museum,Korea) 2011 “I will pray for you!” (Gallery Hyundai_Window Gallery, Seoul, Korea) 2009 Story哥 Second Rhapsody [Remixed pot!] (Gallery Tong-in, Seoul, Korea) 2008 Wow! It’s a jar! (Gallery Ssamji, Seoul, Korea) 2006 Story哥 (Gallery Ssamji, Seoul, Korea)

Group Exihibition

2016 Harmony of Materials (Sophis Gallery, Seoul) 2015 START (Saatchi Gallery, London) 2015 Gyeonggi Internation Ceramic Biennale (Korea ceramic foundation, Yeoju meseum) 2015 Kang jun young x Kim jun myoung Exhibition (Pilux,Korea) 2015 The Good Life (Seum Art space,Korea) 2015 Composing the space-time (Sun gallery,Korea) 2014 Design Feisty (Hongkong,K11 art space) 2014 Art Road77(Art factory,Korea) 2014 Hue 休: rest(The American Club, Arton gallery,Singapore) 2014 HongKong Hotel Art fair (CSP Gallery, Hong kong) 2014 Be my love (Lotte gallery,seoul,pusan,Korea) 2014 Young Revolution (Iom art gallery, Arton gallery,Singapore) 2014 New Year’s Gift (superior, seoul,Korea) 2013 Primavera展 (Amway museum,Korea) 2013 Four Multiplicities (EMOA space , New York) 2013 Prime o korea (Korea trade-Investment promotion Agency ,Korea) 2013 Horse Art project(korea racing authority,Korea) 2013 Primavera (Amway Art Museum, Seongnam, Korea) 2013 Project Doha – I was here (Doha Budae, Seoul, Korea) 2013 Four Multiplicities (EMOA Space, Newyork, USA) 2012 Brand New (Eugene Gallery, Seoul, Korea) 2012 山水 dot 人 (LIG Art Space, Seoul, Korea) 2012 I am telling you… Thank you (National Assembly Member’s Office Bldg. Seoul, Korea) 2012 The Diary of Travel-Louis Vuitton Collaboration (BAZAAR Magazine) 2012 Reality Equals Dream (ION Art Gallery, Singapore) 2012 Do window vol. 4 (Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea) 2012 Is There Bugundang In Itaewon? (Ccull & Ccullpool, Seoul, Korea) 2012 Gallery seoul 12 (Gallery Hyundai, Galleria Foret, Seoul Korea) 2012 Fashion meets furniture (Boutique Monaco Museum, Seoul, Korea) 2012 No place like home (Boutique Monaco museum, Seoul, Korea) 2011 Multi Colored Sentiment : A Daydream In The Snow (Gallery Zandari, Lotte hotel gallery, Seoul, Korea) 2011 Asia Contemporary Ceramic Exchange Exhibition [酒邊] (Yido Gallery, Seoul, Korea) 2011 East Asia Celadon Exhibition (Yingge Ceramics Museum, New Taipei City, Taiwan) 2011 SHOP BMM Lifestyle Multishop Season Ⅰ (Boutique Monaco Museum, Seoul, Korea) 2010 Ceramic art & technology (aT Center, Seoul, Korea) 2010 Contemporary Ceramic Art in Asia (Hongik Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea) 2010 Young Artist Critic Workshop Program (Arko Art Center, Seoul, Korea) 2010 Autonomy zone 1-130 (Arts Council Korea-arco, Seoul, Korea) 2010 Green love brown (Green and brown pictures, Paik Hae Young Gallery, Seoul, Korea) 2009 Korea Tomorrow (Seoul Trade Exhibition & Convention(SETEC), Seoul, Korea) 2009 Cow Parade Korea (Convention & Exhibition(COEX), Seoul, Korea) 2009 Sulwha Cultural Exhibition (Kring, Seoul, Korea) 2009 Ceramix-Climax (Gyeonggi Museum of Mordern Art, Ansan, Korea) 2009 Uijeongbu Budae JJigae for 49 People (Uijeongbu Arts Center, Uijeongbu, Korea) 2008 China Japan and South Korea New Century Contemporary Pottery Art Exhibition (Shiwan Ceramics Museum, Guangdong, China) 2007 Stress Fighter (Art Space Pool, Seoul, Korea) 2007 London North Korea n Restaurant (Art house Gallery, London, UK) 2006 Dongsangyimong [同床異夢] (Seongnam Cultural Foundation_Yuldong Park, Seongnam, Korea) 2006 A Bright Future of Art (Duplex Gallery, Seoul, Korea) 2005 Shu Uemura Make-up Show Drawing Artist (Seoul Fashion Center, Seoul, Korea)

Residency 2012 Art Center of LiYin in Beijing (Heiqiao, Beijing, China) 2011 Solomon Artist Residency Program (Seoul, Korea)


Korea racing authority (Seoul, Korea) The National Assembly Building (Seoul, Korea) Boutique Monaco Museum (Seoul, Korea)



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