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Artist: Zhao Zhao

Image Credit: Artsy

Biography: Chinese, b. 1982, Xinjiang Province, China, based in Beijing, China

Zhao Zhao graduated from the Xinjiang Institute of the Arts in 2003 and later attended the Beijing Film Academy. The former assistant to Ai Weiwei and now regarded a significant figure among the young Post-80s generation of contemporary Chinese artists – Zhao Zhao’s work is often associated with anti-authoritarian or non-conformist tendencies, renowned for confronting existing ideological structures and exercising the power of individual free will in his work. His provocative, multidisciplinary artistic practice has garnered him international attention in recent years with critically-acclaimed exhibitions across China, North America and Europe as an ‘artist to watch’.

A New Energy in Chinese Art: Zhao Zhao (Stockholm & Beijing) Directed by Fabien Pacory

Artist Zhao Zhao

Image Credit: Johndodelande

Chinese Art is the New Energy



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