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New Launch: Cloud Espresso Cup & Saucer


“Cloud”, a porcelain espresso cup and saucer inspired

by contemporary Singapore and traditional Japanese craftsmanship White cloud over blue sky, produced by Miyama of Japan and Singapore based company HULS Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. was inspired by the 50th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between the two countries.


November 7, 2016, Singapore—HULS Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., a company which specialises in the global business of Japanese craft industries based in Tokyo and Singapore, launches “Cloud” espresso cup and saucer on 15th December 2016 both in Singapore and in Japan. The product is a result of the collaboration between a Singaporean designer and a Japanese ceramic manufacturer in the Mino region.

“Cloud” is a white porcelain espresso cup and saucer inspired by the closeness of the clouds and skies over Singapore. It is designed by a Singaporean designer, Casey Chen and manufactured by Miyama, a Japanese ceramic company located in Gifu prefecture which is renowned for their Mino ware and under the direction of HULS.


Casey was inspired by dedication and attentiveness to details of the workers and the unique decoration technique of applying patterns on porcelain using Japanese paper which characterises Miyama’s specialty in the field of Japanese ceramic tableware.

The collaboration between Singapore and Japan, in the creative and craft industries had lourished in recent years. Singapore’s unique cultural diversity and Japan’s craft industries are both rooted in tradition and this combination became the source of the creation of the finished product. The blue detailing of the saucer symbolises both the sky as well as the Singapore Peranakan blue and the matte texture of bisque porcelain realises a quality feel of Miyama.

With its egg-shaped base and cloud-shaped handle, “Cloud” exudes a fun cofee time with a free and relaxed mind. A cup holder for espresso machine is included in each package. This product will be released simultaneously in Singapore and Japan.



The method of slip casting is used for the production of “Cloud”. Slip casting is a type of ceramic molding technique which uses plaster molds instead of using the potter’s wheel. By pouring slip into plaster molds and drying it until its hardened, this technique makes it possible to create thin and strong ceramic products.

Risen Yaki

Risen-yaki” is a decoration technique of applying patterns on porcelain using Japanese paper. Copper plates are used as original template for the paper. Japanese paper with patterns is first applied by the craftsperson by hand on the surface of white porcelain one by one and when the paper is removed the patterns will adhere to the porcelain creating beautiful patterns of lines and texture. The technique of “risen-yaki” adds a special touch to porcelain. In 1846, the technique of transfer printing by copper plates was used for the first time in Japan in Inazu-cho, Mizunami of Gifu prefecture where Miyama is located. To date, only a few potteries in this area

are still using this technique to the present day.


About the designer

Casey Chen (b.1971) is a Singaporean designer/ artist who excels in a figurative approach to his work. He had gained international recognition by winning a design award in New York City. “Cloud” is his first collaboration with Japanese craft manufacturers.

About the manufacturer

Miyama Co., Ltd. was established in 1977 in Mizunami area in Gifu prefecture where manufacturers of ceramic tableware for export are concentrated among production areas of Mino ware. The advanced technique that Miyama has developed over decades has enabled them to realized the complex form of "Cloud".



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