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Design: Jil Sander Flagship in Berlin

Simplicity marks Andrea Tognon's interior

for the Jil Sander flagship in Berlin

Jil Sander Flagship in Berlin

Emulating the clean lines of Jil Sander fashions is the label’s new Berlin flagship, which is the work of Andrea Tognon Architecture. The uncluttered scheme features floor-to-ceiling columns, bronze-clad counters and large triptych-style frames for the display of clothing. A predominance of geometric forms balances with the occasional fluid shape to achieve an overall sense of harmony. Much like the merchandise for sale, flexibility is key to the flagship’s austere ambience.

Jil Sander Flagship in Berlin

Although nothing about the nuanced refurbishment overpowers the product, the devil is in the detail. Shades of blue and gold punctuate surroundings of pristine white. Andrea Tognon selected a variety of epoxy resins, while keeping a close eye on the sustainability of the materials used, such as 3D-printed resins inlaid with scraps of marble – a choice that reduced unnecessary waste. Crystals and natural pigments are incorporated into shelves and wall coverings, and a special composite panelling gives the store its cool Nordic feel. Azul marble appears in flooring, handles and table. A rigid urethane foam called Eulithe, used for some of the furniture, injects a touch of lightness that contrasts with the density of marble and metal. The careful use of polishes in specific locations provides seamless transitions between one material and another. On the ceiling, brass track lighting further sets the tone. Spots accentuate different areas and, in so doing, dramatize the angles and contours of the space.

Jil Sander Flagship in Berlin

As a composition of parts, the new Jil Sander store can be compared to what the German designer herself might refer to as a Gesamtkunstwerk, or ‘total art work’. It’s a retail environment that unites fashion, design and architecture to heighten the brand’s image and draw shoppers through the double doors at Kurfürstendamm 185.

Jil Sander Flagship in Berlin



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