Fashion: Kinetic Jewellery Collection by Studio Elke

“My jewellery sits in the middle of fashion and object,” Elke Krameradds. “It can make sense in both, or neither, so creating a collection of functional objects was a natural extension.”

Known for its highly coveted jewellery and accessories collections, Studio Elke has recently expanded to encompass object design that spans a range of scales - from interior objects through to furniture, and spatial design. Rather than following trends in the market, Creative Director Elke Kramer’s design approach is an exploration of unique materials, experimental fabrications and new forms.For over a decade, Studio Elke has been an industry leader in the fashion and design worlds, respected for pushing the boundaries of originality.

Rendered in her unique luxury, earthy aesthetic, Elke’s objects are fused with unconventional materials: charcoal, crushed seashells and concrete create a complex marbling and terrazzo finish. jewellery boxes are orb-shaped, and sliced in half in two tones, and wall mobiles feature polished brass, mirrored Perspex, and long cumin-coloured tassels. Each component has been handmade with emphasis on quality and durability, and via ethical manufacturing processes.

Kinetic Jewellery Collection by Studio Elke

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