Design: The Art of Pop-ups

Let’s dive into some of the most notable examples of Event Pop-Ups that have caught our attention. Wire Mesh Installation for an Event in Abu Dhabi by Edoardo Tresoldi Images courtesy of The Blind Eye Factory In collaboration with Design Lab Experience, Italian artist Edoardo Tresoldi (you might remember him from this installation) has recreated a vast indoor “piazza” surrounded with ephemeral architectural fragments for a large event in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Spanning across 7,000sqm of event space, the installation was built entirely from wire mesh, comprising domes, arches, columns, colonnades and 1:1 scale replicas of Italian basilicas. Ummm… Wowzer, dude. If I just closed my eyes en

Retail Interior: Ileana Makri Jewellery Store by Kois Associated Architects

The materials used were carefully selected, working with natural unprocessed pieces of metal, glass, timber and stone – a grey sedimentary rock was used for its internal composition, alluding to the mechanisms of memory. Bronze was applied due to its ability to convey and transform light, while black metal and timber give a sense of rhythm, texture and colour, fusing the elements into a coherent whole. Seriously, can you handle it all? Extreme love. Ileana Makri Jewellery Store by Kois Associated Architects Kois Associated Architects: Source:

Fashion: Kinetic Jewellery Collection by Studio Elke

“My jewellery sits in the middle of fashion and object,” Elke Krameradds. “It can make sense in both, or neither, so creating a collection of functional objects was a natural extension.” Known for its highly coveted jewellery and accessories collections, Studio Elke has recently expanded to encompass object design that spans a range of scales - from interior objects through to furniture, and spatial design. Rather than following trends in the market, Creative Director Elke Kramer’s design approach is an exploration of unique materials, experimental fabrications and new forms.For over a decade, Studio Elke has been an industry leader in the fashion and design worlds, respected for pushing the

Art: The outdoor art installations not to miss in 2018

The Constellation, by Ralph Helmick, Abu Dhabi, UAE The Constellation is a monumental public artwork that forms the centrepiece of The Founder’s Memorial in Abu Dhabi, a permanent national tribute to the UAE’s founding father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Boston-based sculptor Ralph Helmick collaborated with Dpa Lighting to bring his celestial installation to life in the pavilion at the heart of the memorial. The Founder’s Memorial, Intersection of Abu Dhabi Corniche and 18th Street, Abu Dhabi, UAE; JEM, by Eness, Brisbane, Australia Interdisciplinary Australian firm Eness has designed JEM, an interactive space of contemplation a

Travelogue: Never. Stop. Exploring

Travelling. It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. IBN Battuta A visit to Yayoi Kusama Exhibition at Tokyo National Design Centre IFC Sky100 Observatory, Hong Kong Stop by a scenic view of Nantou, before we head up He Huan Shan. Sydney Harbour, Australia Lake Louise, Alberta Canada Lake Louise is a rare place that must be experienced to be believed. Sakura Season at Shinjuku Gyeon National Garden, Tokyo Japan The Face Suites, Kuala Lumpur Magnificent View from The Face Suites Skypool Follow the travelogue of Rayson Tan, because every picture has a story to tell. Rayson Tan @raysontravelogue #raysontravelogue #raysontravelandeat

Dessert: Dinara Kasko's sculptural cakes are carved from sheets of chocolate

The multilayered, three-dimensional works of artist José Margulis have been transformed into tasty treats by architect-turned-patisserie chef Dinara Kasko. The Kinetic Tarts are the result of a collaboration between Kakso and Margulis, who worked together to create edible versions of his artworks for food publication So Good. Margulis, a Miami-based mixed-media artist, forms his sculptures from layers of colourful plastic sheets – creating a geometric pattern that changes depending on the viewing angle. Kasko, keen to retain the qualities of Margulis' work, enlisted the artist to sketch different ideas, and worked from his drawings to create a series of edible sculptures. Industrial cutting

K11 Guangzhou | Wenjian 闻见:中国海南菜

Wenjian 闻见:中国海南菜 Chinese Contemporary Art and Hainan Cuisine from the farm in a space designed by Austrians Manuel Marte and White True Innovations Wenjian 闻见:中国海南菜 at Level 5, K11 Guangzhou Entrance of Wenjian 闻见:中国海南菜 at Level 5, K11 Guangzhou Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of Wenjian 闻见:中国海南菜 Official Grand Opening Event Christy Feng, Fabien Pacory, Peter Huang and Chen Jianlong (Rayson Tan) Team of Wenjian 闻见:中国海南菜 Cheers! Guests at Wenjian 闻见:中国海南菜 Grand Opening Wenjian 闻见:中国海南菜 Fruits Bar Take a break and have a cuppa coffee with us Artist Qi jun | China at Wenjian 闻见:中国海南菜 Enjoy a fuse of Art and Design while dining in at Wenjian 闻见:中国海南菜 Artist Xu Qu | China and Video Art by Artist Chen Jia

Art: ‘Singularity’ Exhibition showcased in Heydar Aliyev Museum

Artwork on display at the Singularity: Wang Yuyang Exhibition. A Recap: A solo exhibition by the renowned representative of contemporary Chinese art, artist Wang Yuyang named "Singularity" was opened at the Heydar Aliyev Center. The main exhibit - "Singularity", presented at the exhibition, is 4 meters in diameter. The construction consists of a 300 stepper engines and 3000 LED lamps. A sphere shape of the artwork has been created using 11 circles of different radius. When the "wheel" step motors turn to different directions at different speeds, LED lamps gives various visual effects. "Singularity" artwork is being exhibited at a foyer of the Heydar Aliyev Center. Wang Yuyang. General view o

A Recap: Position Fixing 定位 Three Group-Exhibitions at Guangzhou Opera House

A Recap: Position Fixing 定位 Three Group-Exhibitions at Guangzhou Opera House 1st December 2016 to 18 January 2017 Exhibition of a young generation of Asian artists confronting a group of western artists. "Position Fixing 定位“ The main idea of those group-exhibitions was to show the new generations of Asian Artists with a special selection group show from China, Greater China ( Taiwan, Hong Kong,) South-East Asia (Singapore) and Korea, and to confront them to the new generation of western artists who also have expressed messages and a new vision of art through different channels, new media or social media, narrating a new kind of 'story of the world', witness of their generation and mutable

Design: London Design Biennale 2018, some interactive installations to look out for

London Design Biennale (4-23 September) returns for its second iteration, this year exploring the theme of ‘emotional states’. ‘It’s a gathering like the World Cup,’ says Sir John Sorrell of the 40 countries, cities and territories that are taking part in the event at cultural hub Somerset House. Following its 2016 inauguration, the project has expanded covering every continent except Antarctica, and the works explore issues from sustainability to pollution in the form of immersive installations. Here we look at the 10 most innovative designs to keep an eye out for... Full Spectrum Country: Australia Designer: Flynn Talbot Following Talbot’s immersive light installation at the V&A Museum




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