Serbian artists turn Van Gogh's Starry Night into canalside light installation

Serbian artists Ivana Jelić and Pavle Petrović have reimagined Van Gogh's famous painting The Starry Night as an LED installation over the canals of Amsterdam, to highlight the issue of light pollution in urban areas. A series of 1,400 acrylic rods illuminated by small LED lights are used to emulate Van Gogh's impasto brushstrokes. The rods form a large-scale reproduction of a magnified section of the star-filled night sky featured in the renowned artwork. Image courtesy of Janus van den Eijnden Located on a bridge at the intersection of two canals in Amsterdam, the village buildings and cypress trees found in the original painting are replaced with the Dutch city's own merchant houses and w

Folded Skies installation mimics the light created by Johannesburg's mine dust

Large-scale coloured mirrors recreate the iridescent beauty of Johannesburg's toxic sunsets in this installation by architecture studio Counterspace. Called Folded Skies, the sculpture is formed of three structures made of interlocking two-metre-high mirrors, tinted to match the light created by the pollution in the city's mine dumps. It is installed at the Spier Wine Estate in Stellenbosch as part of the Spier Light Art Festival, on show from 8 December 2018 to 30 January 2019. The South African studio collaborated on the project with conceptual art and design studio Stay Evil Kids, which specialises in coloured mirrors. The colour gradients were made using the same pigment compounds to tho




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