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绿 Green Art Video

Ocean acidification really scares me, because

the effects could hit us in our lifetime and the

potential disruption to the marine food

chain would be catastrophic.

– Dr. Bob Rheault, president of the East

Coast Shellfish Growers Association

As inhabitants of the earth, we always have maintained a close relationship with our surroundings since the day we were born. Friedrich Engels once said, “Let us not, however, flatter ourselves overmore on account of our human victories over nature. For each such victory nature takes its revenge on us.”

Since the beginning of time, mankind has always been taking from Mother Nature and She has always been giving in to our whims and wants. To gain control over nature so that it acts in accordance to the human will, we consider this ability as one our greatest achievement.

Over the centuries, we have witnessed rapid developments in science and technology. And now, as an act of revenge against the many generations of destroying nature, we now face the music – depletion of natural resources. In the age of rapid technological advancement, this lack is Mother Nature’s sweetest revenge.

If acidification continues unabated, the impairment

of sensory ability will reduce population sustainability

of many marine species, with potentially

profound consequences for marine diversity.

– Dr. Philip Munday, Australian Research Council

Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies

Mankind now needs find the right balance between nature and science. A step in the wrong direction, not only will we lose control of the natural but also risk being destroyed in our own creation of science and technology.

Our ancestors bequeathed us vast lands. Yet, what we have left for our descendants is nothing but bald lands, polluted streams and a degenerating environment.

Perhaps only when nature’s catastrophe hits us in vengeance, mankind will finally awake and realised the importance of guarding our environment. To gain control of nature, we must first grant her respect.

Mankind is the product of the environment. Mankind is also the moulder of the environment. There will come a day where we will pay for the environmental damage we have caused. We will need to adjust our behaviour to adapt to the current climate. For us to continue living in paradise, we must learn to protect and respect nature.

This is not something that’s off in the future.

This is not something for our children’s children.

It’s happening now.

– Dr. Christopher Sabine, NOAA Pacific

Marine Environmental Laboratory

绿 Green by Chen Jianlong Art Video



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